THE MONTHLY DRESS SERIES: A RECAP:   I told everyone that would listen about my idea for The Monthly Dress Series. The whole way my vision for The Monthly Dress Series came about is a story all its own . Once I had the concept for this series in my head,…

The Left launched a war on police officers to secure the black vote.
Their media used the horrific death of Philando Castile to manipulate black minds.

Never again will we allow this.

I find out wht the other 40% ancestry is later when my sister & mom come over. Mom said maybe a little African American. I said Indians don't come from Africa mom. She meant Native American. She hopes it don't bother my son. Lol. Why would it.

Irish Ancestry Surprises Revealed by New DNA Map via @NatGeo

OUR 2018 FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARDS WITH MINTED: cards via Minted This year we took our family Christmas card pictures at Pasadena City Hall. I wanted this year to be shot in the city where we live and City Hall is the most beautiful setting for pictures!…

@Jay_Rombach @hmgivingsoul @TheAngelOrsini @JackConnie @suziday123 @Cbp8Cindy @BethFratesMD @melanie_korach @simplysallyh @Christophe77 @PoloOrtiz9 @linds4fins @HOLLYJBIRD @MoreRealLove @jflorez @debratankersle1 @liz_fiore1 @EdM44343707 @GrantonGranton @LoriMoreno @RoadtripC @Rockyourmessage @CattMcCreary @30days30ways @MadHattersNYC @FrNigelMumford Good morning Jay @Jay_Rombach Such an exquisite photo! Thank you. ☕️🎄🌟

@confessions_cup @hmgivingsoul @TheAngelOrsini @JackConnie @suziday123 @Cbp8Cindy @BethFratesMD @melanie_korach @simplysallyh @Christophe77 @PoloOrtiz9 @linds4fins @HOLLYJBIRD @MoreRealLove @jflorez @debratankersle1 @liz_fiore1 @EdM44343707 @GrantonGranton @LoriMoreno @RoadtripC @Rockyourmessage @CattMcCreary @30days30ways @MadHattersNYC @FrNigelMumford A very happy Friday everyone!!

And welcome #WinterSolstice2018 ❄️❄️

Winter sunrise on the European alps

#Travel #Nature #Photo #Weather #Mountains #Winter #TravelTuesday #Adventures

@NancyPelosi you told everyone on national tv that congress didn’t have the votes to pass border wall. Once again you were wrong and the senate will pass today. Harrry Reid’s nuclear option is once again coming back to bite the Democrats on the butt. I walked away because of you

On @ThisWeekABC, @GStephanopoulos and I discussed the need to prevent a government shutdown, the recent court ruling on the ACA, and the importance of the special counsel’s investigation.

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