A Beginners Guide to Picking (& Drinking) Rosé

A Beginners Guide to Picking (& Drinking) Rosé
A Beginners Guide to Picking (& Drinking) Rosé
For wine lovers, long days and warm sun mean one thing: rosé season. Whether your typically team red or usually opt for white wine, there’s a refreshing rosé you should be drinking on a patio this weekend. As a rosé novice, I employed Heather McDougall, General Manager and Sommelier at Toronto’s Montecito Restaurant, to help guide me through summer’s prettiest drink. 
“I’ve been on the rosé train for as long as I’ve been selling wine,” Heather says, “and I’m so happy that the fantastic pink drink is finally getting the recognition it deserves. I’ve heard the resistance from my customers, “all rosés are too sweet” or “rosé has no flavour”. Luckily for them (and for all you doubters out there) it’s ok to be wrong! With rosé, like anything really, there is a tool for every job. From light and wispy to full and voluptuous, there really is a rosé for everyone’s taste buds. All you need is an open mind.”
If you’re on the quest for dryness or just don’t know where to start, start with the classics. Heather’s recommendation: Southern France. From the Côtes de Provence to Bandol, there are many delicious stops you can discover along the way.

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Summer Rosé Guide

Tour du Bon
($42.00, Bandol, France)

Splurge: This aromatic blend of red and white grapes is sourced from vineyards that sit at 150m above the sea. The old vines give intensity and complexity and the white gives lift and perfume. This bone dry rosé shows all the classic hallmarks of Bandol; spice, sea spray, mineral and lovely red berry fruit. You will be well rewarded by tucking this wine away for a year. It takes on even more complexity while maintaining it’s racy nature.


Summer Rosé Guide

Hidden Bench, Locust Lane Rosé
($22.95, Beamsville Bench, Niagara )

Local: Keep it closer to home with this bottle from Niagara, made in the Provencal style. Top notes of cherry fruit and spice are beautifully balanced with freshness and just a kiss of salinity. The perfect foodie wine.


Summer Rosé Guide

Château Saint Roch, Le Rosé
($17.95 , Côtes du Rouissillon, France)

Save: A steal of a deal from Southern France. Bright red fruit, savoury herbs and crisp minerality are combined in this lip smacking rosé. This is the quintessential summer water.

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