10 Hot Celebrity Dads Making Diaper Duty Look Sexy

10 Hot Celebrity Dads Making Diaper Duty Look Sexy
10 Hot Celebrity Dads Making Diaper Duty Look Sexy
The thirst is real…. for celebrity dads. It’s totally refreshing to see them step up and be great fathers to cute kids. Seeing a man with a kiddo strapped to his side is pretty adorable… plus we all love men who make good potential father material. It doesn’t matter if they’re veterans (hello David Beckham) or new to the game (I’m looking at you, The Rock), they’re all super desirable.
To celebrate Father’s Day, we’re showcasing 10 of the most swoon-worthy celebrity dads.

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Photography via Instagram.com/davidbeckham

Photography via Instagram.com/elsapatakyconfidential

Photography via Instagram.com/kensingtonroyal

Photography via Instagram.com/gisele

Photography via Instagram.com/ashtonmila

Photography via Instagram.com/therock

Photography via Instagram.com/blakelively

Photography by JB Lacroix/WireImage

Photography by Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Photography by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Oceana


cutest celebrity dads 01

David Beckham and Harper


cutest celebrity dads 02

Chris Hemsworth and Tristan and Sasha


cutest celebrity dads 03

Prince William and George


cutest celebrity dads 04

Tom Brady and Benjamin and Vivian Lakes


cutest celebrity dads 05

Ashton Kutcher and Wyatt Isabelle


cutest celebrity dads 06

The Rock and Jasmine


cutest celebrity dads 07

Ryan Reynolds and James


cutest celebrity dads 08

Ben Affleck and Violet


cutest celebrity dads 09

Kanye West and North


cutest celebrity dads 10

Josh Duhamel and Axl


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