Travel: 5 wonderful colorful beaches in the world

Travel: 5 wonderful colorful beaches in the world
Travel: 5 wonderful colorful beaches in the world
The best background for your beach selfies? Some amazing colorful beaches! White, volcanic or even glass sand: the world is full of amazing places where you can dip into these wonderful shades. Obviously, you know how much cromotherapy can help us to reach peace and calm… If you want to live your holidays at your best, here you are the 5 most amazing colorful beaches in the world!

The inacessible „Spiaggia Rosa“ on Budelli Island. Author: @mikecarballophotography
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Budelli Island Pink Sand Beach (Sardinia) 
It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but unfortunately itìs also one of the most inacessible ones: it’s forbidden not only to take away some of its precious pink sand or dip into its water, but even take a walk on it. You can just have an amazing view from Cavaliere beach, under the strict control of a guide of La Maddalena National Park. Despite everything, it’s really worthy: you’ll never find the same pink shade in another place in the world. The reason? It’s made of  little fragments of microorganism Miniacina miniacea.

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Monolithos red beach (Santorini)
In Santorini there are so many colored beaches, but the most special is Monolithos red beach, that is named after the volcanic sand and cliffs that surround it. It’s sheltered from the wind and it’s an amazing place to do some snorkelling. If you decide to visit it, remember to wear some comfortalble sneakers: you have to walk for aproximately 10 minutes to reach it.

It’s hard to believe that this beach is only three hours‘ drive from @sydney, right?! This is what the beaches look like in the @visitshoalhaven region, which is a lovely place to spend a few days if you’re looking to escape the busy city. This area’s not just home to beautiful beaches; it’s also known for its spectacular national parks and excellent bushwalking. Keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife – you might even be lucky enough to spot a kangaroo hopping along the sand! Photo: @mitchgreenphotos #seeaustralia #newsouthwales #visitshoalhaven #explore #travel
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 Jervis Bay Hyams White Sand Beach (Australia)
Is white your favourite colour? So Hyams Beach White Sand Beach is the place for your next holidays: Guinness World Record crowned it as the whitest beach in the whole world! Don’t you think it is the perfect set for a summer shooting? For sure, it’s a place where you can easily do some whale watching.

Thankfully just a precaution and no tsunami. Meant I got to take the long exposure shots that I wanted. #longexposure_shots #longexposure #longexposure #blacksand #blacksandbeach #volcano #volcanicsand #punaluu #punaluubeach #punaluublacksandbeach Volcano #bigisland #thebigisland #hawaii #visithawaii #lovehawaii #canonphotography #canong7x #canong7xmarkii
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Punalu’u Black Sand Beach in Big Island (Hawaii)
Just like Santorini’s red beach, also for Punalu’u Beach black sand beach the cause is a volcano. Its sand and cliffs are made of lava fragments, coming from the volcanos of the near Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park. The many turtles that come there to spawn are another good reason to visit it.

• Glass Beach • California, USA. 🇺🇸
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Fort Bragg Glass Beach (California)
If there’s a rainbow beach in the world, that should be Fort Bragg Glass Beach. Its history is so fascinating: it was used by inhabitants as a dump, but it became one of the most amazing beaches in the world thanks to the slow, constant sea movements. The waves, in fact, transformed glass fragments into multicolour pearls, creating a beach of a thousand shades. From a dump, it’s reborn as a natural treasure that is protected by MacKerricher State Park: it’s forbidden to take away even a single grain.
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